The Proposal


March 19, 2004


Woodinville, WA

In Pictures

This is a photo of Alex and I just minutes after Alex proposed. We're on the grounds of the Willows Lodge on the banks of the Samammish River.

Alex standing in front of The Herbfarm, where we ate that night.

Alex and I inside The Herbfarm. The picture was taken by a newlywed couple next to us.

Alex's Take

Alex's story is top secret.

Jordan's Take

On Valentine's Day, we decided that the idea of having a single forced romantic day each year was lame. So we each signed up to put together a spontaneous romantic day on our own. Alex planned a weekend of surprises for the two of us in Woodinville, WA.

  • Surprise #1: two nights in a beautiful room at the Willows Lodge.
  • Surprise #2: dinner at The Herb Farm.
  • Surprise #3: Wine tasting in the nearby wineries.

    After we checked in at the Willows Lodge, and Alex unveiled the surprises, we went for a walk on the banks of the Sammamish River. When we reached a bend in the river, Alex brought out a poem that he had written and read it for me (surprise #4!). Then he said "... and there's something else" (a 5th surprise?). He got down on one knee and brough out a beautiful ring. I was totally surprised and it took me a few minutes to put together my answer (which was a joyous yes).