Where & when to stay

We've reserved blocks of rooms for our guests at 3 hotels near each other in downtown Seattle. From any of the hotels, you should be able to meet up with other wedding guests or explore the city on your own.

Please mention the Hay/Edelman wedding when reserving to receive our special rate. Make bookings early to ensure availability.

The hotels

Hotel Andra

Most of the wedding party will be staying at Hotel Andra. It's a beautiful new hotel in downtown Seattle. Andra will serve as the meet-up hub for all of the activities during the weekend.

Rooms range from $185 for an Andra room, to $255 for an Andra Lux Suite. To book your room, call 877.448.8600.

The Mayflower Park Hotel

The Mayflower Park Hotel is a Seattle institution. It's where Alex stayed when he interviewed at Amazon. It's only a block away from the Andra.

Rooms range from $159 for a classic room to $179 for a deluxe. To book your room, call 800.426.5100.

The Vance Hotel

The Vance Hotel is another great hotel in the heart of downtown Seattle. All of it's rooms have recently been redone. It's about 3 blocks from Andra.

A standard room costs $108 a night. To book your room, call 877.956.8500.

Nights to book your hotel

The wedding itself is on Sunday evening. We have wedding activities starting Friday night and going through Monday morning. If you're in for the full deal, we recommend flying in Thursday night (8/18) or Friday day (8/19), and flying out on Monday mid-day (8/22). If you're coming in for just the wedding on Sunday, you should book a room for Saturday & Sunday nights (8/20-8/21).