Edelhay Family 2008 Year in Review

Greetings and Happy Holidays!

We missed out on summarizing last year. We were a little busy! On September 22, 2007, we welcomed Angus Hay Edelman into the world. He is surrounded by loving family and friends. In preparation for his arrival, we remodeled large portions of our home, from the bathroom to the living room, the kitchen to the basement. We also took the in-utero Angus to Spain with the Hay family.

Onwards to 2008! Jordan was on maternity leave with Angus until February. They went on long winter hikes and enjoyed each other's company. Check out Jordan's photo gallery a day in the life.

When Jordan returned to work, we hired a nanny to watch over Angus. To add to the fun, Kim Painter's daughter Amelia has joined them. Angus, Amelia, and Chelsie spend most days going on walks and playing together.

Back at IMDb, Jordan and Alex both had very successful years navigating the business through some big new projects, namely adding video to the website and expanding internationally to Germany. Jordan manages the Product Managers for the website, and Alex manages a large team of software developers. We work closely together, which some people find surprising, but to us it's normal. We make a great team.

In spring, we were thrilled to host Alex's mom Babette's 60th birthday at Hay Mountain in Anacortes. Patti and Vivi flew out from France for the event, and of course Terry was there too. We went tulip watching and had a big party catered by The Paella King.

In June we embarked on the yearly Hay family trip, this time to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. It wasn't quite as exotic as Italy, Spain, or South Africa, but we still had a great time on a beautiful property right by the water. Angus got to meet most of his extended family, and had his first experience with really hot and humid weather (it made him sluggish).

In October we took Angus's second plane flight to Los Angeles so that he could kick it "SoCal Style". We stayed at his Mamie's house and Mamie took care of Angus during the day while Jordan and Alex worked at IMDb's LA office. We celebrated Halloween by going trick or treating in Mamie's neighborhood.

This year we bid fond farewells to an unfortunately large number of people in our family and friendship circle: Joan and John Herlitz, Great Aunt Annie Funk, Grandma Vera Brown, Lois and Richard Kozlow, and Rusty Pollock. You will all be missed.

As autumn has turned to winter we have been enjoying family life more and more. There are lots of little traditions and celebrations, from an additional birthday party every year (more cake!) to weekend pancakes to Anacortes weekends to nature walks in the nearby Arboretum. At the end of December, a freak snow storm dumped a foot of snow in Seattle, shutting down nearly the whole city. While we were snowed in, we taught Angus how to sled and marveled at the skiiers and snowboarders who used our street for their (downhill!) runs.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and here's to a prosperous new year.

Jordan, Alex and Angus

Baby Alert

There appears to be something in the drinking water which is causing babies to sprout up everywhere. Please do not be alarmed. Send cookie relief to the parents of Owen Griffis, Sean Kilkullen, and Caden Ballentine.